Executive RBA Program

250 hours

The RBA program offers a flexible, in-depth education tailored for experienced investment professionals. The modular curriculum spans 12 modules, covering topics like regulatory dynamics, investment technologies, and leadership. Participants follow a 2.5 year track or select specific modules based on their interests or prior education, earning certificates upon completion. The full 12-module track leads to the RBA designation, focusing on Learn, Change, and Lead pillars, all offered in collaboration with our partner universities: Vrije Universiteit, TIAS School for Business and Society, and Nyenrode Business University.

Executive Education for Investment Professionals

Are you an experienced investment professional with at least 8 years of working experience? Do you want to excel and get the best out of yourself? Are you looking for a flexible in-depth executive education program to even further sharpen your skills and investment knowledge? The modular RBA program is tailored just for you! 

The intensive world-class curriculum combines case studies, experiential projects and a variety of learning activities that make the RBA program a unique experience. In person, instructor-led training gives participants ample opportunity to interact with lecturers and fellow participants, learn from each other and discuss individual real life cases. 

The program adapts to your needs. Interactive modules are combined in a 2.5 years track, where you can adjust the planning that fits best with your working schedule.

Alternatively, you may follow just one or more modules of the RBA program of your specific interest. This approach is very suitable for people who followed the CFA program or have done the RBA program in the past. Completion of a module is awarded with a certificate. Completing the whole track of 12 modules entitles you to the RBA designation. The modules can be attended standalone. Successful completion of all 12 modules qualifies for the RBA designation. The RBA accreditation is awarded by CFA Society Netherlands. 

A modular program

The 12 modules form a consistent portfolio and constitute around the pillars Learn, Change and Lead. To receive an RBA accreditation the 12 modules need successful completion. Themes vary from regulatory dynamics to new investment technologies and investment leadership. And because of the modular nature of the program, it is also possible to sign up for a single module only. 


• Understanding clients and behaviours

• Regulatory dynamics and practical implications

• Advanced Asset Allocation

• Balance sheet management

• The future of manager selection, monitoring and evaluation


• Mastering Change in Sustainability

• Mastering Change in New Investment Technologies

• Mastering Change in Lifecycle and DC investing

• Change assessment module*

* The Change assessment module is the last module in the Change track and is only available for participants of the complete RBA program.


• Understanding board room dynamics and interaction

• Growing your investment leadership

• The future of finance & innovation: your agenda!

Executive Education

By participating in the program participants not only gain deep understanding of the specific subjects but also develop and grow the skills and competences needed to perform to the highest standards. In person, instructor-led training gives participants ample opportunity to interact with teachers and fellow participants, learn from each other and discuss individual real life cases. 

The RBA program is developed for the investment professional who wants to acquire the knowledge and skills that are required to change and lead the investment profession. Ideally you are a mid to senior career professional. Typically you work as an investment manager, portfolio manager, risk manager, investment administrator, investment advisor, fiduciary manager, client manager or a similar position. Participants could also work in a capacity of trustee, work for a regulatory authority or hold a supervisory position.


The modules within the Learn pillar have been developed together with the VU Amsterdam. The Change pillar has been developed with TIAS School for Business and Society, the lectures are given on their Utrecht campus. The Lead pillar has been developed in cooperation with Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen. 

Please check the information on individual modules for the exact dates and teaching faculty.

Full RBA program

full program                     24.000 euro 

Employers who would like to enroll several employees may receive a customised offer.

VBA Academy

The RBA program is part of the VBA Academy and is composed of different modules of executive nature. The VBA Academy offers different modules and courses to the investment professional. Not only to keep their professional competence up-to-date, but also to help them grow in their careers to the next level of being a trusted partner with effective leadership and a good sense of integrity.

Candidate membership 

Registered candidates in the RBA Program can apply for candidate membership of CFA Society Netherlands. It is a local membership, meaning you will have access to benefits offered by CFA Society Netherlands. Read about all the benefits and how to apply here.


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