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Our advocacy efforts focus on increasing public awareness and recognition of our society and the CFA charter and RBA and RMFI titles by building and maintaining relationships with regulatory authorities and other professional organisations relevant to our industry. CFA Society Netherlands promotes ethics, standards, professionalism and the importance of our educational programs for achieving our goals. We maintain relationships on behalf of our members with industry organisations, relevant interest groups, financial authorities, employers, universities, and the media. With around 2,200 members CFA Society Netherlands is a strong and inclusive organisation for investment professionals. We have a lot of weight in discussions with, for example, regulators, employers and stakeholders. 

The benefit of public awareness is two-fold:

  1. It has a direct positive impact on our members. CFA charterholders, RBA or RMFI designation holders receive more recognition and influence and distinguish themselves in the local market.
  2. It has a positive influence on professional and ethical standards in the Dutch financial sector and influences regulations and supervision.

Do you want to know more about Advocacy? Send us an email.

We need more help in our Advocacy efforts. Are you interested in increasing your influence in the market?  In engaging with regulators, employers, stakeholders and like-minded professionals? Do you have an affinity with regulations and supervision and a strong network in the Dutch investment sector? We would like to involve you in our Advocacy efforts; contact Anne-Marie Munnik for more information.

Professional knowledge and competence requirements under MiFID II

In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid in our advocacy efforts on preventing unnecessary study load for our members in light of the, by ESMA formulated, regulatory knowledge and skills requirements under MiFID II. We have had a very constructive dialogue with DSI and training providers.

Our efforts have resulted in:

  1. Recognition of CFA charter and RBA title under professional competence requirements
  2. An accredited institutional sector training program to meet annual regulatory requirements for professional competence

Investment professionals with a CFA charter or RBA title have a partial exemption from the so-called entry exam with which they can demonstrate their initial competence for MiFID II.

After passing the entry exam, investment professionals with client contact must be able to demonstrate on an annual basis that they are engaged in continuing education in order to maintain knowledge and skills. Since 2020, we have been offering the so-called MIFID II stay compliant program with which people with institutional customer contact demonstrably maintain their professional competence. This program is accredited by DSI and thus recognized in the context of the MiFID II professional competence requirements.

On the DSI website you will find information about the latest state of affairs on the ESMA criteria, a Frequently Asked Questions section for employers and employees and the role that DSI, in collaboration with CFA Society Netherlands, plays in the ESMA process.

Here you can also find how to register for the deficiency exam or - if you do not have the CFA charter or RBA title - the regular exam.

Members and employers who have questions about the MiFID II professional competence requirements or our MiFID program can contact us on (020) 299 6590 or by email.

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