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​​Members of CFA Society Netherlands have made agreements with each other about how they want their professional association and educational institutes to operate. This is laid down in the articles of association, the internal regulations and various other regulations and policy documents.
In addition, members agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct​ as set forth by CFA Institute.
Articles of Association CFA Society Netherlands
The articles form the foundation of the association. These articles contain provisions on essential subjects such as the purpose of the association, the board and its powers, the membership, the management and the decision-making processes within the association. Deed of amendment to the articles which supplement the articles of the association.
Articles of Association Foundation VBA Opleidingsinstituut Morreau and Articles of Association Foundation Register Risk Manager for Financial Institutions
The articles of respectively Stichting VBA Opleidingsinstituut Morreau and Stichting Register Risk Manager for Financial Institutions form the basis of these respective foundations. The articles contain important provisions about, among others things, the purpose of the foundations, the board, the decision-making processes and the representation.
Rules of Procedure
In the rules of procedure of the association some provisions from the articles of association are further outlined or detailed. The rules of procedure include provisions regarding the membership fee, the committees, continuing education and the use of designations and brands.
Regulation Financial Committee
A financial committee is appointed in accordance with the articles of association. This financial committee checks the annual accounts and the accountability of the management board and reports to the general meeting on its findings. The financial committee regulations specify the task, working method and authority of the financial committee.
Regulations Complaints Committee
A complaints committee is appointed in accordance with the articles of association. The complaints committee is responsible to advise or in specific cases overrule the decisions of the board.
The board and the general meeting lay down rules in this regulation about the duties, powers, composition and working method of the complaints committee.
Regulations for the collective brand RBA and the collective brand RMFI
The RBA and RMFI collective brand rules regulate the use and supervision of respectively the collective RBA and RMFI service mark of CFA Society Netherlands.
Management regulations and Payment protocol
The board has appointed an executive director on the basis of the articles of association. The management regulations​ specify how the tasks, powers and responsibilities are divided between the board and the management of the association. The management regulations apply to both the association and the foundations. The payment protocol guarantees transparency and due care in invoicing and payments.
Role of the members' meeting
Amendments to the articles of the association, internal regulations and other regulations and policy documents must be approved by the general meeting of members. A general meeting is held at least once a year. The members' meeting approves the budget and adopts the annual report.
Here you can view the budgets and annual reports for the past three years as well as the minutes of the members' meetings held in the last three years.
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