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Professional Learning Program

CFA Society Netherlands and CFA Institute offer Professional Learning (PL) to their members to help you cultivate your curiosity and advance in your career. We encourage our members to record at least 20 credits annually to stay current with changing practices and evolving industry demands.

For members included in the Certified Investment Operations Professional (CIOP) register, a PL requirement applies. In order to remain included in the register and to be allowed to use the CIOP title, these members must obtain and register at least 6 PL credits per calendar year. Specifications for this requirement can be found in the Rules governing Professional Learning. 

Invest in Yourself

Participate in qualifying PL activities designed to contribute to your knowledge as an investment professional and lifelong learner. To earn your recommended 20 credits, including 2 Standards, Ethics, and Regulations (SER) credits each year, choose activities that:

  • are educational in nature,
  • relate to learning topics derived from the Global Body of Investment Knowledge (GBIK®), or
  • are geared toward increasing your knowledge, skills, and abilities as an investment professional.

In addition to the opportunities offered through CFA Society Netherlands and CFA Institute, a range of activities may qualify:


Take a self-directed approach by choosing content relevant to your job, selecting the formats you prefer, and setting your own pace.

Employer Based

Claim PL credit for any in-house or eligible on-the-job training you receive through your employer.

Third-Party Offerings

Live events, university courses, webinars, technical readings, and more opportunities outside of those delivered by CFA Institute or CFA Society Netherlands may be eligible for PL credit.

Earn and track PL credits

There are several ways to keep your knowledge up to date. Locally you can qualify for PL credits by attending any of the variety of educational events, online courses and reading materials (VBA Journaal) organised or offered by CFA Society Netherlands. In addition, the website of CFA Institute offers a multitude of options, ranging from tailored newsletters (Selections), attending specific events, or online learning. Upon completion of any of these items, PL credits can be added automatically to your PL diary.

Content produced and culled by CFA Institute is available in the form of publications, periodicals, books, research papers, webcasts, online learning courses, book summaries and reviews, blogs and more. Explore the collection of educational resources of CFA Institute designed to help you stay competitive in the investment management industry.

We invite you to browse the library of CFA Institute content. Filter by topic, format, or product series to find your next PL activity. And update your topical preferences to receive a Selections newsletter of CFA Institute tailored to your interests.

Our members can easily record and manage their activities using CFA Institute’s online tracking resource. You can read here How to Earn and Track Your PL Credits. Here you can also find examples of qualifying credit activities and how to calculate your activities into PL credits.

For your convenience, we have provided a guide for calculating and awarding PL credits for specific activities in the Netherlands.

RBA program 40 credits per completed year
Individual modules of the RBA program 15 credits per module
DSI MiFID II qualification exam – Top-up 8 credits of which 2 SER
DSI MiFID II qualification exam - Regular 20 credits of which 2 SER
Integrity e-learning module NCI 4 credits of which 4 SER
Integrity workshop NCI 6 credits of which 6 SER
MiFID II stay compliant program for advisors 8 credits of which 4 SER credits for completing all modules
MiFID II stay compliant program for information providers 8 credits of which 4 SER credits for completing all modules
Volunteering on projects/committees Maximum 4 PL credits per annum
Written thesis for Dutch accredited university on economics 60 credits


CFA Institute and CFA Society Netherlands take the utmost care that the activities offered under the Professional Learnings Program meet our high standards in providing relevant educational products for our members.

Should a member not be satisfied with the added value, content or organizational aspects of the Professional Learning activities offered by CFA Society Netherlands a member can submit a formal written complaint. For more information: Complaints procedure CFA Society Netherlands Professional Learning Activities. For more information contact us per email.

The Complaints procedure applies to the MiFID II stay compliant program and modules of the RBA program. 

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