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CFA Society Netherlands is a professional association of investment professionals with 2,000+ members working in all sub-sectors of the industry in The Netherlands. Membership in CFA Society Netherlands helps to supplement your professional and career development through networking, knowledge sharing, Professional Learning events and courses. Want to know who we are and what we stand for? Than get to know our board and staffed office and read our mission and visionMembership of CFA Society Netherlands is open to anyone in the investment industry, and we gladly welcome new members. As a member you can enjoy many benefits. The local part is provided by CFA Society Netherlands. The international part comes from CFA Institute. Would you like to become part of our network? Apply for membership via this link. Candidates in the CFA, RBA or CIOP program may apply for the local candidate membership via

Benefits of membership 

Membership of CFA Society Netherlands enables you to enjoy the following benefits: 

Local benefits:

  • Attend free and discounted high-profile local events and educational offerings of the society.
  • Professional exchange and network with over 2,000 local society members.
  • Participate in a smaller network of like-minded people, offered by our active specialised committees. which ensure that we organize events according to the philosophy ‘by members, for members’.
  • Receive our locally produced VBA Journaal; published quarterly.
  • Be part of an effective and collective voice advocating for the profession through engagement with industry associations, policymakers and regulators.
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends and research that affect the financial industry.
  • Take part in the Professional Learning Program. PL credits for events offered by CFA Society Netherlands are automatically registered in your personal PL Diary.
  • Take advantage of local professional and career development opportunities, such as soft-skills events.
  • Access to the Mentoring Program; A 9-month program where the knowledge and experience of our senior members is used to help junior members achieve their life or career goals.
  • Free access in the Mifid II Stay Compliant Program.

International benefits:

  • The CFA Societies Global Passport Program gives you access to events of our fellow Societies as well, at the discounted local member price. Use our sister's handy eventsfinder page to quickly check out what's available!
  • Financial Analysts Journal; a professional journal that promotes knowledge and understanding of the practice of investment management through the publication of rigorous, peer-reviewed, practice-relevant research.
  • Access to other Premier Publications, such as Future of Finance, CFA Institute Journal Review, and CFA Institute Research & Policy Center (RPC)
  • A free subscription to GetAbstract (regularly USD 299/year); Save time and stay abreast of recent industry developments with concise summaries of relevant business and financial sources, including key economic and financial reports compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit. (Downloadable in PDF, MP3, and e-reader).
  • Access a wide variety of Professional Learning offerings and track and manage your PL credits with a personal online PL Diary; Credits earned at CFA and Society activities are automatically credited.
  • Even more professional learning (PL) opportunities through CFA Institute resources, including self-study and training, events, books, articles, webinars, podcasts, and more
  • Use the Global Job Directory; upload your CV and receive job alerts, or use the international job search.
  • Even more career resources; use CV builder and interview simulator, take assessments, explore the library of articles, videos and webinars and refine your soft skills in preparation for your next career step.
  • Refresher Readings; Stay up-to-date on what's important in the investment management industry with lectures straight from the CFA Program curriculum.
  • Inclusion in and access to the global Member Directory.
  • Update your volunteer profile and apply for an opening that's right for you, such as Volunteer Grader. Assist with the virtual essay exam grading process and give something back to the profession, network with other charterholders, and be a part of a business-critical event for our organization. Learn more and express interest.
  • A free subscription to the Investment Data Alliance, a partnership between CFA Institute Research Foundation and various investment institutions where data and content related to data is shared with investment analysts. Some data is made available only to CFA Institute members. Includes CalcBench (US dataregularly USD 4,000/year), SmartKarma (APAC data regularly USD 499.99/year), the SBBI data set, over 80 MSCI indexes, three FactSet datasets, and more!!
  • A CFA Charter is recognised worldwide, including by other training institutes and official bodies. View the list of exemptions and waivers per type and country, such as the CIPM Level I Excemption

Membership Categories 

Membership categories include RegularAffiliate (which are combined memberships and inlude both membership of CFA Institute and CFA Society Netherlands) and Candidate Membership (society membership only). The combined membership allows members to not only benefit from local activities of CFA Society Netherlands. They will also enjoy access to CFA Institute's wide assortment of content, publications, research, events and conferences and the possibility to register Professional Learning activities (PL) in the PL diary. Learn more about benefits of membership in CFA Institute here and more about CFA Institute content hereRegular and Affiliate members enjoy the exact same benefits, the only exception being that Affiliate members are not allowed to vote on CFA Institute Board matters. 

Participants in our multi year educational programs can opt for candidate or affiliate membership. Learn more about the local only Candidate Membership class, its conditions, special extra benefits and how to apply here.

Membership category Intended for Conditions
Affiliate member
(Annual membership dues: $425)
Investment professionals who do not meet the requirements of regular membership and do not intend to participate in the CFA Program or CIPM Program.
Regular member
(Annual membership dues: $425)
Investment professionals directly involved in or supporting the investment decision-making process
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent education/work experience
  • Passing score for the CFA Level I Exam, CIPM Program Level II Exam, the RBA designation, or the self-administered self-administered Standards of Practice Exam
  • At least 4,000 hours of professional work experience in investment decision making,  completed in a minimum of 36 months
  • Adherence to the Professional Conduct Statement
  • Three professional references (or two if one is a regular member)
Candidate Member
(Annual membership dues: €80)
Registered candidates of the CFA, RBA, CIOP and CIPM programs and CFA Charter Pending candidates for a maximum of three years. It is a local membership, meaning you will have access to local  benefits only offered by CFA Society Netherlands
  • Currently enrolled in the CFA, RBA, CIOP or CIPM program
  • apply for candidate membership via email
  • Maximum of 3 years

Fees and application process

Regular and Affiliate Membership in CFA Society Netherlands amounts to $425 annually and the membership year runs from July 1 until June 30. The first year of your membership a pro-rated fee applies. Of your annual dues, $300 goes to CFA Institute and $125 to the local society. if you are retired or request temporary dispensation for reasons of family, health, change of profession or loss of employment but wish to maintain your relationship with the Society you may request the Professional Leave status. A different fee applies. Contact us for more information. Candidate membership is available for a maximum of 3 years for only 80 euros a year.

Application process

CFA Institute manages the membership application, acceptance and payment process for affiliate and regular memberships. When you apply for membership at CFA Institute you will be asked to also join the local society. It is possible to become a member of CFA Institute only and not have access to local benefits. Learn more about the application conditions and process here or apply for membership here.

Members are responsible for providing the necessary information and keeping their personal data up-to-date. For more information, please contact us. You may also check out these resources for your membership application

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