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​CFA Society Netherlands is proud to present its Mentoring program. This program is part of our wider effort as a society to support our members in managing their careers. With the launch last year we joined ​a growing number of CFA societies globally running such a program, clearly underlining that the value of mentoring is accepted across cultures and continents.

Why did we launch this program?
In short, because we are convinced that the benefits to those participating in a mentoring relationship can be vast: mentees gain perspective, clarity and insights to help them achieve their life and career goals. Mentors benefit from developing leadership and coaching skills that are portable across their careers. While more intangible, mentors often also derive personal rewards by helping another grow and prosper in their career. And finally, because as a society we can all benefit from the strengthening of the bonds between our members.

How does it work?
The program is traditional in the sense that it is aimed at tapping into the knowledge and experience of our more senior members to help more junior members achieve a life or career goal. The program runs annually for a nine-month period.  With the remaining three months of the year dedicated to reviewing the past program and preparing to launch the next session. The program begins with a kick-off session moderated by a professional coach or professional mentor to help all mentoring pairs get the most out of their relationships, and is concluded by a closing session to share experiences and facilitate 'lessons learned'.

What is required of our Mentors and Mentees?
Mentoring pairs should commit to a nine-month mentoring relationship, during which the pair will meet face to face at least once a quarter and at least have one touch-point a month via phone, e-mail or otherwise.

Who can participate in our program?
Our Mentoring program is open only to members of the society. If you are not (yet) a member you can still apply and will be considered for pairing upon joining the society.  

How to apply for the Mentoring program
Both potential mentors and mentees apply for participation in the program by writing a motivation letter by e-mail to Yiyi Huang. For mentees, the key question to address is: do you have a life or career goal that you can you clearly specify and, importantly, can you describe how you would benefit from mentoring to achieve it?
Please email our mentoring committee team with any questions and to apply.
Looking back after one year
Read the page from Yiyi published in the VBA Journaal.
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