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Mentor Program

​CFA Society Netherlands is proud to present its mentor program. This program is part of our broader efforts as an association to support our members in their career development. The program was launched in 2017, becoming part of a growing number of CFA Societies worldwide that are running such a program. This shows how much the value of mentoring is shared across cultures and continents.

Why a mentor program?
In short, we believe there is great benefit to those who participate in mentoring: the mentees (members guided by a mentor) gain perspective, clarity and insights that help them achieve their life and career goals. The mentors benefit from further developing their leadership and coaching skills, which will benefit them throughout their careers. In an intangible sense, it is often very rewarding for coaches to help someone else grow and flourish in his or her career. Finally, everyone in the association benefits from strengthening the mutual bond.

How does it work?
The program is traditional in that it focuses on tapping into the knowledge and experience of our senior members to help junior members achieve his or her life or career goals. The program lasts nine months of the year. The remaining three months are used to evaluate the program and prepare for the next session. The program begins with a kick-off session attended by a professional coach or professional mentor to help the mentor couples get the most out of their relationship, and concludes with a closing meeting where experiences and lessons are shared.

What is required of our Mentors and Mentees?
Mentoring pairs commit to a nine-month mentoring relationship, during which the pair will meet face to face at least once a quarter and at least have one touch-point a month via phone, e-mail or otherwise.

Who can participate in the mentoring program?
Our mentoring program is only intended for members of the association. If you are not (yet) a member, you can already register for the program and a connection will be considered once you have become a member of the association.

How can you register for the mentor program?
Both the potential mentor and the mentees register to participate in the program by writing a motivation letter and sending it to the mentor committee. The most important question mentees need to answer is: Do you have a specific life or career goal? And, describe what benefits mentoring could offer you to achieve this goal.

Mentors and mentees can register with a short motivation letter by email to .

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