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Following a consultation, the AFM has supplemented the 'Guidelines for advisory and asset management services' with guidelines for determining expected returns as part of the suitability assessment. The revised guidance was published on November 29, 2022. The reason for the addition is that the AFM has observed significant differences in expected returns in the market and suspects that some of the expectations are unrealistic.

As CFA Society Netherlands, we consider it important in the context of careful investment services to work with realistic returns. They can come about in different ways. We responded to the AFM's consultation by adding examples of best practices to arrive at realistic expected returns.

Background of the supplement and the updated guidance (in Dutch) can be viewed here.


Every year, CFA Society Netherlands publishes risk parameters for investments that can be used when compiling investment portfolios. Historical figures up to and including 2020 have been used for our new publication. This year we added gold as a separate asset class to complement the broader commodity index. The differences in returns and volatility give rise to this.

Here you can view the Risicostandaarden Beleggingen 2021 in Dutch.

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