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Committees are the core of our professional society offering great opportunities for expanding your expertise and network and for actively participating in our activities. In fact, the society could not accomplish half as much as we do, without our enthusiastic and ambitious cadre of volunteers. Through volunteering on a committee, members have an opportunity to contribute their ideas, talent, and organizational skills to the common goals of CFA Society Netherlands.   

Committees are open to all members of the society.

Getting Involved

Are you interested in getting involved in the society? Read more on the current committee openings. If you would like to apply for one of the positions, please contact the chairman of the committee or the staffed office by email. You could also contact us if you would like to discuss other opportunities.

Content-specific committees focus on specific professional/topical areas; following the latest developments, carrying out research, or organizing events. The knowledge that they accumulate is regularly published in the VBA Journaal or on our website. See this overview of the Content Committees and Working groups​​.  

Activity committees are responsible for the smooth running of a number of annually recurring events, activities and projects. Find a list of our Activity committees​.  
Governance committees ensure the quality of our programs and the sound operation of our society.

Ad-hoc volunteering on an event or project is also possible if you have limited time or special expertise to contribute.

You must be a member of CFA Society Netherlands in order to volunteer for a committee. Some committees may have limited capacity or additional requirements for joining. 

CFA Institute committees

​Members of CFA Society Netherlands are also encouraged to participate at a global level by joining CFA Institute committees in any one of these topic areas:​

  • ​Market Integrity & Advocacy
  • Codes, Standards & Guidelines
  • Policy Positions & Research
  • Credentialing
  • Ethics & Professional Conduct
  • Educational Advisory Committee’s (EAC) EAC Working Body (WB)

For more information visit the CFA Institute website​.​

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