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How to remain MiFID II compliant?

CFA Society Netherlands offers the MiFID II stay compliant program, aimed at keeping professional competence up-to-date. According to MiFID II regulations, the professional competence of investment professionals must be maintained, updated and assessed on an annual basis. We have developed built-for-purpose education material that will ensure that you and your staff in the institutional domain, upon successful completion, meet the MiFID II requirements. 

The MiFID II stay compliant program will be modified each year in order to ensure that it covers new subjects as prescribed by the market and the regulator. The study material as well as the test questions will be available online and in English. This program is free for members of CFA Society Netherlands, but is also available to non-members for an attractive price.

The program has been developed by members from the Society with up-to-date expertise on the relevant subjects. The involvement of these investment professionals ensures the recognisability and relevance on issues. As a Society we offer continuity in the program and stimulate candidates to undertake the program.

CFA Society Netherlands is accredited by DSI for institutional advisors and institutional information providers. If you have questions about the MiFID II professional knowledge and competence requirements as a member or as an employer, you can contact us on (+31) (0)20 299 6590 or ‚Äč
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