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Mastering Change in Sustainability

17 hours
TIAS - Utrecht Campus

Mastering Change in Sustainability broadens the scope beyond ESG with a focus on long-term investing, SDG, impact and philanthropy. It will help you to develop the skills and competencies to fulfil both fiduciary responsibilities and meeting investment mandate requirements. Through a combination of lectures, discussions 
and interactive cases, this intensive two-day program will expose participants to the critical challenges in sustainability, contrasting it with the latest research findings. Exploring a wide range of perspectives, best practices and approaches for implementation, this masterclass challenges you to pinpoint where your own investment organization should be strategically heading.

During this masterclass, you will develop the knowledge and skills to approach the topic from an asset owner as well as asset manager perspective, focusing on the overall portfolio management, while it empowers you with the understanding, knowledge and tools to build an effective sustainability strategy for your investment organization.

• Transform your approach to sustainability. Get the right skills and knowledge to maximize your return in this rapidly developing field
• Explore how sustainability changes and creates asset classes and advance your understanding of the latest research, strategies, and insights
• Discover how to analyze assets, investigate selection and acquisition processes
• Cut through the jargon to make sense of the sustainability industry – explore valuation, structuring, value creation, impact and more
• Gain real-world insights through case studies and debates with financiers, lawyers, investors, and experts
• Make sustainability investments with confidence. Investigate key market practices, techniques, and investment instruments

This masterclass will also bring you close to thought leaders and experts – who will share insights and hands-on experience in designing, executing, and measuring real-world sustainability strategies in their own organizations.

Topics include:

• Real estate, infrastructure as long-term investments; economics of energy efficiency
• Recent developments in integrating sustainability for (private) fixed income
• Long term concentrated equity strategies: how to integrate long-term value creation, portfolio construction, and real-world impact
• Developments in impact investments: sourcing, embedding in portfolios
• Impact investments: developments in selecting, monitoring, realizing impact
• Integrating social real-world impact in finance and portfolio construction

Mastering Change in Sustainability is designed for mid to senior professionals in the investment sector: portfolio managers, risk managers, investment advisors, who need to understand the dynamics for sustainability and how to implement new strategies across their organizations. The masterclass is also well suited to board members and investment committee members who need a thorough understanding of sustainability, as well as what is required at a strategic level within their organizations.

There are no formal prerequisites for this masterclass. It is intended for investment professionals with some knowledge about sustainable investing, though participants with a background in investing will benefit most from the program.


The module is scheduled to start on April 5, 2024. The schedule of classes is as follows:
•    Friday 5 April 2024 (10.00 – 20.00h) 
•    Friday 19 April 2024 (10.00 – 17.00h)


Prof.dr. Dirk Brounen is Professor of Real Estate Economics both at Tilburg University and TIAS. Dirk specializes in the risk and return of real estate investments, sustainability effects in real estate markets, and the performance of listed real estate markets. 

Ivo Ravenhorst MSc is PhD Researcher at Tilburg University. Ivo focuses on infrastructure investment on a global scale. Particular focus areas are performance drivers, macroeconomic linkage, the energy transition, ESG, and portfolio construction. Besides his academic work, Ivo also focuses on infrastructure investment in his career, which allows him to blend both worlds.

Prof.dr. Pascal Böni is Professor of Practice in Finance & Private Debt and heads the Tilburg Institute for Private Debt. He is also Associate Professor of Finance at Tilburg University’s business school TIAS, where he teaches in the Master in Finance (MiF) program. His research interest is in asset pricing in private markets and private debt on the one side and mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance on the other side.

Dr. Marcel Jeucken is founder and Managing Director at SustFin B.V., providing independent advice on finance and sustainability issues and focuses on helping institutional investors and other financial organizations to embrace and embed sustainability in their strategy, activities and/or products. Marcel Jeucken has over 25 years of experience in finance and sustainability, amongst others at Rabobank, Triodos Bank, World Bank, Sustainalytics and PGGM.

Kees Gootjes MSc has spent his career looking at the impact of business and finance on the world around us and the people that live there, often seen as the ‘S’ of ESG. He is currently a Business & Human Rights Advisor at ABN AMRO Bank. His career has taken him from working at a global asset manager to a financial sector NGO encouraging responsible investment, from a garment sector NGO working on labor rights around the world, to being a consultant advising business 
and finance on business & human rights issues.

Stanley Anyetei MBA is an investment officer at Triodos Investments Management, investing directly in a variety of sectors including energy and climate, inclusive development and sustainable agriculture across the globe. Before joining Triodos, Stanley was Head of Investments at PYMWYMIC, a European 
community of high-net-worth families, philanthropists, and individual investors who support for-profit companies creating global solutions to societal and environmental challenges.

Cost of Change module(s):

1 module                        2.495 euro
2 modules or more       2.395 euro per module

For members of CFA Society Netherlands:

1 module                        2.250 euro
2 modules or more       2.150 euro per module


Employers who would like to enroll several employees may receive a customised offer.



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