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Understanding Clients and Behaviours

25 hours
VU - Amsterdam

Knowing your client should be the first step in every financial advice. Moreover, knowing your client is – especially since the financial crisis of 2008-2009 – the main keyword in financial supervision. In this module we dive into a few essential elements of a client profile. What are the client’s investment beliefs? What is the client’s risk appetite and how can we measure it? What behavioural biases are well known and how can we cope with these? To what extent does the client wants to implement responsible investing? And on which themes? The answer to these questions – amongst others – provides you with the building blocks to make a sound and “supervisory proof” investment policy statement for your client.

  • Participants will build the capacity to set and define appropriate investment profiles across various types of asset owners in the local market

  • As part of this module participants will work on various assignments which will result in presenting the end case, an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for various types of asset owners in the Dutch market. In addition, these assignments add to both communication skills (presenting and explaining complex ideas simply) and curiosity (openness to new ideas and exploring and challenging conventional wisdom) to find solutions to complex investment and client related issues

Topics include:

  • Basic understanding of various types of clients in the Dutch financial market with key characteristics and today’s main investment challenges

  • How to integrate both financial planning and investments?

  • How to set collective and individual risk profiles?

  • Understanding and applying new tools in risk profile setting

  • Comparing dynamics in risk profiling across various client groups and financing types

    (DB, DC, insurance, asset only schemes)

  • Aligning the responsible investing policy with the preferences of the client

  • Integrating insights from behavioural finance in the design and decision-making process

  • Defining investment beliefs as the basis for an effective investment process

Ideally you are a mid to senior career professional. Typically you work as: 
• investment manager
• portfolio manager
• risk manager
• investment administrator
• investment advisor
• fiduciary manager
• client manager in a similar position

Participants could also work in a capacity of trustee, work for a regulatory authority or hold a supervisory position.


The module is expected to be scheduled to start in the Spring of 2025. The exact dates are still to be determined and will be posted shortly.


Gosse Alserda
Rutger van Asselt
Rogier Potter van Loon
Alwin Oerlemans

Cost of Learn module(s):

1 module                        2.295 euro
2 modules or more         2.195 euro per module

For members of CFA Society Netherlands:

1 module                        2.050 euro
2 modules or more         1.950 euro per module


Employers who would like to enroll several employees may receive a customised offer.


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