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Gert van der Wolf
Dhr. G. van der Wolf RBA
Marcel Wolferink
Drs. M.B.J. Wolferink RBA
Harry Wolkenfelt
Dhr. H.C. Wolkenfelt RBA
Patrick Wollenberg
Drs. P.P. Wollenberg RBA
Raoul Wolters
Ir.drs. R.J.H. Wolters MSc RBA
Karst Jan Wolters
Drs. K.J. Wolters RBA
Johannes Wolvius
Drs. J.D. Wolvius RBA
Yvonne Wondergem-Scholman
Drs. Y.M. Wondergem-Scholman RBA
Fook Ley Wong
Drs. F.L. Wong RBA
Daan Worm
Drs. D.P. Worm RBA
Cor Worms
Drs. C.L. Worms RBA
Daco Woudenberg
Drs. D. Woudenberg RBA
Huub Wouterson
Drs. H.J.G. Wouterson RBA

About RBA register

There are currently more than 1700 certified investment experts registered in the RBA Register. The register is maintained by Stichting VBA Opleidingsinstituut Morreau.

Want to be included in the register?

This is only possible if you have successfully completed the VBA training (before 2010), the VBA-VU Investment Management training (2010-2021) or the RBA program (from 2022). Furthermore, membership of the association is a prerequisite for registration in the RBA register. You can find information on the current RBA Program here.


Data privacy regulations require individuals to give permission for their personal data to be shared. The RBA Register shown might therefore look incomplete.

Have you completed any of the mentioned programs and is your name missing in the register?Please send an e-mail if you do want to be mentioned.

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