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How we can help our Members

​Enjoy the MiFID II stay compliant program and other benefits for free as part of your membership.  This allows members who are self-employed or not supported by his/her employers in this capacity to more easily keep professional competence up-to-date.  Upon successful annual completion of the program, you will meet local regulatory requirements.   

MiFID II stay compliant program

​​The program consists of various topics which will be available online during the year:

  • Each topic consists of study materials (including videos and articles) and a final test
  • Tailor-made study materials and testing for advisers and information providers in the institutional domain
  • Each test consists of 10 multiple choice questions, with a passing rate of  80% correct
  • All individual components must be completed with a positive result within the year
  • Expected time investment is 5 to 10 hours per year
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