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Candriam Economic Outlook 2024

7 December 2023

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Candriam Economic Outlook 2024

(Event in English)

Candriam has sent us their heavyweights again this December. If you would like to know what the future holds, this is the event for you!

The much-feared hard landing of the world economy has, up to now at least, been avoided: growth has been surprisingly strong in the United States while in the euro area activity has stagnated, but not faltered. On both sides of the Atlantic, inflation has decelerated.

Still many uncertainties remain. Can world growth resist to mounting geopolitical tensions? Will inflation get closer to the central banks’ 2% target by the end of 2024? Should we fear an outburst of financial distress triggered by rising interest rates?

For how long central banks will wait before lowering their policy rates?

In this foggy environment, Anton Brender and Florence Pisani will once again share their convictions on the economic outlook, this time for the year 2024.

16:00 Start presentation

17:30 Drinks

Location is the Rosarium, Amstelpark 1, Europaboulevard in Amsterdam.

Inschrijving gesloten op 7 December 2023 om 15:59 uur
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