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Integrating Diversity and Inclusion into Investments

19 January 2023

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Integrating Diversity and Inclusion into Investments

(Event in English)

Please join us for an interactive session to discuss where we are as an Industry in terms of Diversity and Inclusion. Amelia Huix (Founder MCI Partners, Executive Gender Equality and DE&I Lead UN Advisor) and Sarah Maynard (Global Senior Head, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at CFA Institute) will be bringing us up to speed with the craft of why gender equality matters, from global development risks to the financial markets, and establishing gender economic governance as a macro-critical investment discipline.
 Followed by a panel discussion with Huix, Elvira Eurlings (CIO ILX Management), Gerald Cartigny (MD & Head of Asset Management Benelux Goldman Sachs Asset Management) and Marina Iodice (Executive Director Impact Equity Goldman Sachs Asset Management) on how social factors are increasingly taken into account when making investment decisions.
Topics include:
- What role does Diversity Lens play in investment decision making? What are we truly measuring and how does a good practice look like when it comes to diversity based investment opportunities?
- What are the challenges and opportunities to integrate DE&I in investment strategies?
- How are investors challenging companies on their approach to DE&I?
- Who is responsible for DE&I enhancement across the industries? Do you believe that the strengthening regulations are laying a path for more opportunities in diversity enhancement across the industries?
- Outlook on DE&I in investments?


Location and time

This event will be held in the Rosarium, Amsterdam and takes place on 19 January from 17:00 - 18:30.



  • Free for members of CFA Society VBA Netherlands
  • Regular tickets €50



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