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Meetup with the Crypto Assets Working Group

13 April 2022

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Meetup with the Crypto Assets Working Group

Meetup with the Crypto Assets Working Group

The Crypto Assets Working Group has recently been started by a team of financial services / regulatory / risk professionals. During this meeting, after a short introduction, we will share our views on the crypto assets market.

Our presentation includes an evolution overview of crypto assets, recent trends, key investors, and ESG considerations. Most importantly, we would like to connect with the members of the CFA Society VBA Netherlands through a real-time poll and Q & A in order to understand what topics are most interesting for them.

This interaction will guide our agenda and also our later events.

Location and time

This event will be hosted online. 13 April, 17:00 - 18:00


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Inschrijving gesloten op 13 April 2022 om 14:00 uur
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