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Strategic Negotiation Skills

12 February 2024

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Strategic Negotiation Skills

(Event in English)

This workshop gives insight into the negotiation process and goes into the dynamics among the 11 feminine and masculine archetypes in the process. Participants learn different steps in negotiating: how to prepare, what strategy to choose, how to play the ‘negotiation game’, and how to deal with the ‘No’. Participants will learn how to strategically adopt their behaviour at different stages of negotiation and respond in a way that might not feel natural to them. They will become aware of the pattern in their own and other people’s behaviour and choose a more well-thought-out strategy, instead of “waiting to see what happens”

 In this workshop, by Mira Vasic, You will learn:
• the different stages in negotiating
• when the negotiation starts
• how to prepare
• how to use the checklist for preparing
• how to deal with ‘no’ as an answer
• how to recognise a ‘yes’
• how do adapt your style to get what you want
• how to see negotiation as a game

The workshop will be very practical, interactive, and filled with humour!

17:00-17:15 Registration
17:15-19:30 Workshop

Drinks afterwards!

📍 Venue: Van Lanschot Kempen, Beethovenstraat 300, 1077 WZ, Amsterdam

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