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Gerard Frankema
Drs. A.G. Frankema RMFI
Mark Geene
Drs. M.J. Geene RBA RMFI
Mathijs Geenen
Drs. M.E. Geenen RMFI
Loek Gelling
Dhr. L.D.J. Gelling MSc RMFI
Vincent Grandia
Drs. V. Grandia MSc RMFI
Rutger Groot
Drs. R.J. Groot RBA RMFI
Martin Hage
Ir.drs. M.I.J. Hage FRM RMFI
16 PE points achieved in 2022
Jeffrey Hennen
Dhr. J. Hennen MSc RMFI
Jan Peter Hopmans
Dhr. J.P.A.D. Hopmans MSc RBA RMFI
20 PE points achieved in 2023
20 PE points achieved in 2022
Tom Jaegers
Drs. T.J. Jaegers MSc RMFI QT
Rawie Khedoe
Drs. R. Khedoe RMFI
Martien Kok M.T.M. Kok RMFI
Frank Konijn
Drs. F.J. Konijn RMFI

About RMFI register

Qualified Risk Managers can be enrolled in the RMFI Register. The register is maintained by the Stichting VBA Opleidingsinstituut Morreau.

Would you like to join the register?

You can only do so if you have successfully completed the postgraduate master's program in Risk Management for Financial Institutions at the Vrije Universiteit. Furthermore, membership in the association is a prerequisite for entry in the RMFI register.


Data privacy regulations require individuals to give permission for their personal data to be shared. The RMFI Register might therefore not be complete.

Have you completed the RMFI program and is your name missing in the register? Please send us an e-mail if you do want to be included.

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